Updated November 2014


Now, fully retired.


Our Bernard Avenue Jewellery Boutique closed year-end 2011.


Early 2012 we opened our design studio in downtown Kelowna where we enjoyed many design appointments providing our services when in town.


Now, nearly three years later, we have transitioned into full retirement. As a result, our visits with family and friends are more frequent and for longer duration.


The time has come to say "Thank You" to all our clients.

Yet be assured, Kalli will continue to welcome your questions and offer guidance with your jewellery concerns as circumstances permit.


We are ready to share with you our most trusted goldsmith

- Eugene Bondar -

Since 2004, many of our exclusive designs were carefully handcrafted by Eugene and he would love to meet you.


His extensive knowledge makes him the ideal person to call upon when presented with jewellery related questions.


Whether your existing pieces require an adjustment/cleaning or whether you desire the creation of a new personal treasure, Eugene will tend to your needs.


Eugene's eMail:

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